Spring Planting?

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Happy Monday or apres la deluge…

Need Spring Plants? Let me do the driving so you don’t have to! Read more below…

Well, finally some rain, eh? And snow and hail and local flooding. Welcome spring?!

Although the days are expected to be warmer through the week, avoid soil compaction by delaying planting or working soil for a few days after the rain at least. Exactly when it is “safe” to dig depends on your soil, the greater the silt, the longer you should wait. Read my column in this Saturday’s (March 24) Porterville Recorder newspaper for more on soils and CA native plants.

Spring Plant Orders:

Current/Past Clients: Convert your plant list from your design or consult package into a plant order and send a deposit of 50% of the price total. Some plant prices have risen (mostly due to transportation costs), but I will confirm the order, including any price changes, before filling it. If you need any assistance creating or filling out an order, contact me! I’m happy to help.

For deliveries on/around April 7: Order deadline is March 21.

Second Order Deadline: March 28, for deliveries/pick up beginning April 14.

(If neither work for you contact me and we’ll work something out!)

I’ve received a few inquiries about my plant list and prices. Since Quercus is primarily a desgin/consultation business, I do not keep a large inventory of plants on hand for sale to the public. This may change, but for now I rely on a kind of 50/50 proposition. If a custom plant list is for you, consider becoming a client!  If you prefer to browse a list, pretty much any CA native plant available through large growers such as El Nativo or Cornflower or large growers/retail nurseries like Tree of Life, Intermountain, Theodore Payne and Las Pilatas I can acquire for you. I try to keep a small list online under availability, but I can only bring to public sales what I can fit in the pick up truck, so I try to bring what has been requested or sold at previous sales. Prices for all my plants are comparable to all other retail nurseries and depend on size, difficulty in obtaining or growing and condition at time of sale. Thanks so much for inquiring; perhaps some day Quercus will include a seasonal nursery so you can all browse and enjoy and impulse-buy to your heart’s content!

Delivery fee may apply for all on-site deliveries. 

Two events this week: March 23 at The Center in Springville. (I’ll be wearing the Auntie hat) and March 24 at Luis’ Nursery in Visalia. Click Here for more details on both.


Have a great week,



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