All the talk is about the lack of water. But still, the flowers bloom. I’ve been especially enjoying the beautiful Ceanothus at the Springville Park and the bush lupin by the roadsides and the wildflowers along some peaceful, reverential walks lately.

The grapes are leafing out. The  buckeyes, oaks and cottonwoods promise shade again this summer. The ground is dry on top, but wet beneath, just the way the plants like it.

IPhone_031714 224The bee’s bliss sage is blooming. The Cleveland sage has fat, plump buds ready to burst open. I’ve seen dozens of butterflies in the past week, and spied a really cool caterpillar in the penstemon on Sunday.

So, yeah, we’re doing and planning all these ways to save water and get through a really serious drought. But it’s still spring. Renewal of life. Summer will come soon enough. I am working hard to remind myself everyday: just enjoy this. Simply. Today.


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