Only Two More Days for Summer Design Special!

The Summer Design Special has expired, but the

Summer Consultation Special continues through August!

Read below and go here for details and contact me soon to get started on your landscape project!

Summer is the best season for planning your garden, especially one that will include many California native & other Mediterranean-climate plants. Before the plants go in the ground this Autumn, there are two major steps:

See, I’m just that serious about encouraging you to start planning now!

1) Design – what goes where? What do you need? What’s not working & might need to be changed? If the project will take several years (this is really common), what should you do first? Do you need a site plan, or some advice & a plant list?

2) Construction/addition or renovating infrastructure and features – Need a new fence, deck, sidewalk, irrigation system or gardening center? These projects, often lumped together under the title “hardscape,” often take longer than you think they will.

Summer can be a busy season with kids’ schedules and family vacations, but you might be surprised how easy and inspiring it is to start the planning process. Does life ever slow down enough so that you would say,

“Hmmm…nothing to do, maybe I’ll get started on the garden this week?”

Not for me, either. Sometimes, I just have to say, “Okay, do it!” First step: planning!



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