May in the Garden

By Christina Morris / May 11, 2023

Welcome to those of you who recently subscribed, at the Visalia Earth Day event or at the Blue Oak nursery! Every month I publish a general gardening “to do” blog which includes California native, exotic ornamentals and edibles. Newsletters focusing on native species and gardening go out seasonally and/or when there’s an event or news […]

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April in the Garden

By Peyton / April 7, 2023

Dare we believe that spring is here? 2023 is shaping up to be a year of super blooms. If you can, take a drive to see some of the wildflowers, but be careful because roadways may remain flooded all month and new roadways may flood. In our gardens, too, we should see foliage growth and […]

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March in the Garden

By Christina Morris / March 24, 2023

My apologies for the late post. I went to Louisiana right at the beginning of the month (where it was warmer and drier than California), and then returned to enroll (is that the word?) my dad on hospice and then he passed away March 21. He was a good man, great gardener and teacher, a […]

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February in the Garden

By Peyton / February 12, 2023

Is it spring yet? Many days in February feel like spring. But we still might get frost. Fog, rain, snow and even hail are not out of the picture. It’s a transition month. Manzanita is blooming, along with early wildflowers like mustard and fiddleneck. Marah (native wild cucumber) is coming up everywhere in some gardens, […]

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January in the Garden

By Peyton / January 5, 2023

            Happy New Year! If we (and our soils!) can manage the extra water this month, our gardens will be happy. That’s just what our climate-adapted plants want. Although growth slows down in the cold soils of winter, some growth continues, often only underground. Our winter and early-spring blooming shrubs, bulbs and perennials love frosty […]

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December in the Garden

By Peyton / December 16, 2022

Oh dear! Apologies for the late posting this month! Hopefully you will read this and be able to check this list, “Yes, did that,” and “Yes, already done…” Happy Holidays to you all and thanks for reading!             December is the coldest month of the year in our area, and the winter solstice occurs on […]

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November in the Garden

By Peyton / November 8, 2022

Autumn is in full gear this month. This is a great time to plant almost any tree, shrub, perennial, ground cover, wildflower seeds and the last of spring-flowering bulbs. While the days are shorter and storms may affect our ability to work outdoors (we can hope for many such interruptions!), it is generally more pleasant […]

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October in the Garden

By Peyton / October 13, 2022

We’ve had a taste of autumn already in September this year, but October is really when jacket season starts. We can still have many warm, or even hot, days, these are balanced by the shorter days and cooler nights. If you are paying attention, you will notice more irrigation water run off and puddling. You […]

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September in the Garden

By Peyton / September 6, 2022

According to folklore, “cool August nights means a hot September.” If that is true, we should have a cool, pleasant month ahead, since August nights were not what I would call cool. Just the shorter days will force temperatures at least a little lower. And that means fall planting is around the corner. To me […]

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August in the Garden

By Peyton / August 9, 2022

August can be a light work month in the garden, assuming you have repaired water leaks and kept the weeds, diseases, and pest insects to a manageable level. The main job this month is to conserve water in every way you can and plan on ways you can make your garden more drought resilient. For […]

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July in the Garden

By Peyton / July 11, 2022

            We’ve had a lovely long spring, but summer is inevitable. We are learning this again, as we do every year, in July, our historically hottest and driest month of the year. Keep things easy this month, on you and the garden. Work in the mornings, stay hydrated and ease off the pruning and fertilizing. […]

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June in the Garden

By Christina Morris / June 17, 2022

            June means hot and dry weather, with occasional drops in temperature. Daytime temperatures average around 92 degrees Fahrenheit daytime and 58 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Expect almost 14 hours of sunshine per day, but don’t expect rain: June is historically the third driest month of the year. Without adequate snowpack and rainfall this winter […]

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