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Springville Veterans Memorial Park

A CA native & Heritage Demonstration Garden in downtown Springville, CA. Installed & Maintained by Volunteers. Designer: Peyton Ellas, Quercus Landscape Design
Towards Firestation, CA Morning Glory on chain link fence

Mittman-Steen, Porterville CA

This back yard at River Island was all rocks and bare dirt, with water draining to the back door. We re-built it into a family-friendly eco-habitat ready for entertaining and relaxing!
Layers, from lawn to hills beyond the fence

Otter, Springville/Milo

Lawn removal. Creation of center berm, walkways. Elevation over 2000'; low water in summer; in between pond and irrigation canal. Wildlife visit frequently. A place for the owners and their guests to wander, relax, enjoy tea and a book; a hobbyist's garden.

Breech Residence

Exeter, CA. The front yard was completed in 2010, and the back yard was completed a year later, in Autumn of 2011. Owner-installed, including the stack stone and paver work in back yard. Some of the client goals included: low maintenance, low water-use, informal, mostly CA native species, interesting year-round, display spaces for owners' found-bone collection, space to air-dry laundry, space for fire pit, shade trees. Photos taken in August, demonstrating you can have an interesting and colorful yard in the Central Valley, even in summer!
Center Bed

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