How’s your winter been?
I’ll “confess,” although that’s not really the right word, that my winter has been challenging. Lots of big plans that didn’t quite work out, at least the way I intended. Translation: the lessons never end! One of those important lessons has been the realization and need to acknowledge the life lines I’ve been thrown all winter. Lovely, wonderful clients, thoughtful words and deeds, real, material support and help. How fortunate I am!

But I did get a ton of projects done this winter, both small (creating the farm blog, dividing the Iris, passing the nursery license inspection) and big (increasing propagation of local species, selling my first seed-grown local Soap Root, remodeling the office, increasing Garden maintenance services).

What will spring bring?
Gas prices make travel harder, but still I want to get out and explore more. A recent stop-over at Theodore Payne Foundation was terribly inspiring and rejuvenating; recent new friends met at the Small Farm Conference was perspective-stretching; the Bush Lupin that keeps blooming in my yard tells me I need to climb those hills out back and see what else is going on “out there.”

Plant orders, new designs, more workshops, and more opportunities to help anyone who wants to improve their gardens and create a unique, Californian, beautiful and sustainable place that improves the lives of all who experience it, whether they know anything about plants or not. That’s a small job, isn’t it?