An Exiting Day in the Nursery!

Update May 25:

The Pretty Face (Tritelea ixiodes ssp scabra) are almost done blooming now…what a tremendous year, to see so many, even the ones in plug or 3″ pots, come out and say “howdy” this year. Great! The plants are available for sale now for a premium price, or wait ’till fall to buy dry bulbs.

Tritelea ixiodes ssp scabra

The Soap Roots (read below….) are doing great too. No flowers, but I wouldn’t expect any with the bulbs planted in tree pots. Plants available now, or dry bulbs in fall.

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It’s been a brilliant spring so far, with some interesting projects in the works, a few (not enough!) wildflower walks, and meeting some wonderful new friends.

Today I’ve been catching up on transplanting, or “potting up” as it is sometimes called. Both for the farm (tomato and pepper seedlings) and for Quercus, moving plants into bigger containers.

I discovered a great surprise while transplanting soap root seedlings from 4″ pots into deep one gallons. These local (Tule watershed) native bulb species were planted in 2007 from seeds collected at a few private ranches. I have been diligently putting the empty trays out in the winter for the rains, supplementing water as needed, keeping the emerging tiny foliage from being overrun by weeds, then moving the flats into dry shade during the summer so they won’t rot.This spring…a surprise!

A tiny bud of Pretty Face (Triteleia ixioides) peeks out.

I had read it takes a native bulb 4 years from seed to bloom, and so it is.

Soap Root bud just forming.


I’ll post more pictures as the flowers open. What a lovely Easter gift!



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